The Association began in 1996 as an internet search for former members of the 569th Transportation Company at Camp Khon Kaen Thailand (1966 - 1970) and led to the creation of an online group named "The United States Army Transportation Association, Thailand", that later expanded and was renamed "The 519th Transportation Association, Thailand",

Consultations with Thailand Veteran John Sweet led to the creation of the web presence for the Thailand Laos Cambodia Brotherhood (TLCB). 

Consulting with Vietnam /Thailand Veteran Jim Rose (RIP) that led to the web presence of the Army Transportation Association Vietnam (ATAV) and several other websites.

Early Pioneers of the USARSUPTHAI Association

Francis (Franko) J. Picchione - "44th Engineer Group"; "KoratMahknut"; and his "Shop Las Vegas" websites containing a plethora of informational tidbits floated around the WWW. Franko was instrumental in conducting groundbreaking research on herbicides used around the world and in particular - Thailand during the Vietnam War. Franko passed away "Went Fishing" on 10 May 2011 near Stanton, California. 

Jackie Cook - "US Army Support Thailand 50MEGS"; "Jack's Corner"; "Going to APO SF 96233"; and Jack's Yahoo Group were precursor to forming the Association. Jackie Cook transferred ownership of the Yahoo Group, physical documents, photos and records to me before moving from Greenaway, Arkansas to Show Low, Arizona where Jackie later passed away on 19 November 2021.

Mark O. Olson - 809th Engineer Battalion (1968-70) a disabled Thailand Veteran who suffered from PTSD and herbicide exposure in Thailand. I was introduced to Mark by Jackie Cook around 2007 and we worked vigorously to create the Association in 2009. Mark became President and Co-Founder and was active in planning and co-hosting our reunions. Mark passed away on 5 July 2016 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Official Association Reunion Photographer: 

David A. Dick - HHC 519th Transportation Battalion (66-67) became the official Association reunion photographer in 2002. Dave passed away on 4 May 2021 near Lineville, Pennsylvania.

The Association Officers: 

President & Co-Founder - Joe Wilson - 569th TC & 505th TC

Vice President, Directory - Barry Meyer - 53rd TC

Vice President, FB Admin - Frank Marsh - 31st FH


*All Association officers are nonpaid volunteers. 

**There are no membership dues.

***All operating expenses are met thru donations and reunion fundraisers or out of pocket funding.

****The association is not a non-profit or a for-profit entity and is not affiliated with any government agency.